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Introducing Cookie Jar Savings™, a simple way to start saving. Your savings are automatic, matched by your employer, and the money is there whenever you need it.

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Financial independence made easy


Cookie Jar rounds up your credit card purchases and checking account transactions and puts the spare change into your Cookie Jar each week.


You can build savings before you even realize it.

Your Money

The money in your Cookie Jar is yours to use when you need to spend it.

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How it works

step one


Start by connecting the checking account, and if desired, the credit card you use every day to your new Cookie Jar savings account.

step two


Every time you make a purchase, be it through your credit card or a checking account transaction, Cookie Jar will round up the total to the nearest dollar. Once a week we'll put your rounded-up change into your Cookie Jar savings account. Spare change that's rounded up from credit card transactions will pull from your checking account, which is your round ups' funding source. We won't charge your credit card. Before you know it, your pocket change will grow in to real savings.
*Some restrictions may apply

step three


Your employer matches your savings based on a schedule they choose. The money adds up fast and can be used any time you need it.

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Grow your saving

Get all the tools you need to fill your Cookie Jar.


Fill your Cookie Jar with spare change any time you make a  credit card purchase or a checking account transaction


You can add more money directly to your Cookie Jar account any time you feel like it by transferring funds from your personal checking account, which is your Cookie Jar funding source, to your Cookie Jar savings account


Watch your savings grow with intelligent reports and easy tools to manage your account


Cookie Jar keeps your money in a FDIC insured bank account and uses 256 bit encryption to keep your personal and financial information safe

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Cookie Jar makes anybody a good saver. The small automatic savings add up quickly and before you know it, your spare change has turned into real savings.

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start saving?

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Cookie Jar™ Savings is brought to you by SafetyNet Insurance Agency, LLC., part of a financially strong insurance group that has been serving hardworking people for over 80 years.

Cookie Jar keeps your money in FDIC insured accounts.