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Attract and retain your best employees with Cookie Jar™, a simple financial wellness program to help your employees start and keep saving. Savings are automatic and employer matched, giving you a thoughtful way to invest in your employees’ futures.

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Financial independence made easy

When your team has financial stability at home, they can give more focus and energy at work— and your business can have fewer HR issues to accommodate.

For your employees who are already stable, your investment in their future is a strong competitive advantage. Just like retirement plans and health benefits can give you a hiring and retention advantage, Cookie Jar can help keep employees with you—and at a fraction of the cost.


Cookie Jar rounds up your employees’ credit card purchases and checking account transactions to the nearest dollar and puts their spare change in a special Cookie Jar account—building their savings effortlessly.
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Employer Match

You provide an automatic match to your employees’ round up contributions up to a maximum match that you set.

Financial Security

Your Cookie Jar savings are there when your employees need it in an emergency, with no strings and no hassle.

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How it works

For just $3 a month per employee, you can get your team started on a path to greater financial stability and peace of mind. This helps you improve productivity, reduce absenteeism, reduce HR time spent on helping employees manage personal issues and emotional rollercoasters related to money, plus retain employees just like retirement accounts and healthcare benefits help retain employees.

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Get your whole team on board quickly and easily. When your employees sign up they connect their checking account, and their credit card too if they'd like, to round up their transactions.



Turn your employees’ pocket change in to savings they can use whenever they need it. Every time your employees make a credit card purchase or a checking account transaction, Cookie Jar rounds the total up to the nearest dollar and puts the change into their Cookie Jar account. These round ups are pulled from their checking account, which is their Cookie Jar funding source. We don't charge employees' credit cards. This weekly savings ritual adds up to real savings and quickly.



Reward your employees’ success. Cookie Jar includes an employer match of their savings. You set and control the percentage of the match, your maximum contributions and frequency of match. It’s an affordable benefit that can make an immediate, tangible difference in your employees’ lives. And you only pay it if they’re actually building their savings on their own—much like a 401k match.

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A suite of features to help your employees grow their financial security.


Employees fill their Cookie Jar with spare change every time they make a credit card purchase or a checking account transaction


Employees can add to their Cookie Jar™ account any time they have extra money


Simple program administration makes offering Cookie Jar to your employees a breeze


Cookie Jar keeps your money in a FDIC insured bank account and uses 256 bit encryption to keep your personal and financial information safe


Reporting tools that let you and your employee watch their savings grow

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CBS News reported that Americans literally throw away $62 million in spare change each year . Cookie Jar empowers your employees to build their emergency funds with their spare change.

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Give them a safety net

Any emergency can quickly wipe out all of a person’s savings. In fact, for half of working Americans, finding even $500 would be a stretch. Give your employees a better safety net. Help them build their emergency savings in Cookie Jar.

66 million working
Americans have no
financial saving, 2016
Having enough money
in emergency savings is Americans'
#1 financial concern
PwC, 2017

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$3 per month per employee

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  • Cookie Jar benefits all of your employees, or just the ones you choose
  • Employer match program is automated, easy, and controlled by you
  • Employees can make easy one-time contributions
  • Employers get clear reports on program costs and employee participation, as well as employee management tools
  • Employees have easy reports showing their savings progress and can manage their account from their phones
  • Secure environment maintained in accordance with applicable state and federal regulations
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Cookie Jar™ Savings is brought to you by SafetyNet Insurance Agency, LLC., part of a financially strong insurance group that has been serving hardworking people for over 80 years.

Cookie Jar keeps your money in FDIC insured accounts.