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The Cookie Jar™ Story

Even though we can't change the way the world works, we can positively change peoples’ lives.

With over 40% of Americans unable to afford a $400 emergency without borrowing money or selling something, our team developed a financial solution to positively impact those in need of an added safety net.

While emergencies will always occur, Cookie Jar helps everyday, hardworking people get through the financial storms life throws their way. It combines the simplicity of kitchen-table finances with the sophistication of an employer-matched benefits program.

Cookie Jar is brought to you by SafetyNet, a mission-driven company dedicated to creating innovative financial and insurance solutions for millions of hardworking people, like you.

Meet Our Team

Roshni Chowdhry

Head of Customer

Matthew Clausen


Rich Fischer

Chief product officer
and Actuary

Mark Greene

Chief Strategy officer

Christina J.

Customer Service Manager

Daniel Kaiser


Teresa Mahlik

Office Manager

Dan Murray


Rob Rusch

Chief Legal officer

Danielle Sesko

CHIEF financial
and marketing officer

Lisa S.


Greg Raddemann

Program Manager


5910 Mineral Point Road
Madison, WI 53705

Cookie Jar™ Savings is brought to you by SafetyNet Insurance Agency, LLC., part of a financially strong insurance group that has been serving hardworking people for over 80 years.

Cookie Jar keeps your money in FDIC insured accounts.