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Watch How Cookie Jar™ Helps You Save

How does
Cookie Jar work?

Cookie Jar is an employer-sponsored program that turns employees’ spare change from everyday purchases  into savings to use whenever it’s needed! When employees make a purchase with their credit card or checking account, Cookie Jar automatically rounds it up to the nearest dollar and puts the change directly into their secure Cookie Jar account. In addition, employers can match their employees’ round up savings automatically.

For just $3/month per employee, employers now have a thoughtful way to attract and retain the best employees and invest in their futures. With the employer match, employers can set their contribution to each employees’ Cookie Jar and employees can watch their savings grow!

Automatic Savings

Once a checking account, and if desired, a credit card are connected, transactions are rounded up to the nearest dollar and are sent to a Cookie Jar savings account once a week.

Employer Match

Automated employer match to make savings grow faster.

Always Available

Money you save in your Cookie Jar is yours to use whenever you need it.


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Cookie Jar™ Savings is brought to you by SafetyNet Insurance Agency, LLC., part of a financially strong insurance group that has been serving hardworking people for over 80 years.

Cookie Jar keeps your money in FDIC insured accounts.